The Transfiguration of the Lord

“Transfigure us, O Lord, break the chains that bind us; speak your healing word…….you light the path before us, the way that we must go.”  (Hurd)

As we listen to and reflect on the story in this weekend’s gospel from Matthew, we can imagine what Peter, James and his brother John witnessed in seeing Jesus’ face and clothes shining with such great light; and then for Moses and Elijah to appear before them, conversing with Jesus.  If that wasn’t astounding enough, they heard God the Father’s voice declaring that this man Jesus was his beloved Son.

Wow, it is no wonder that Peter wanted to build the tents and stay on the mountaintop with them all.  Who wouldn’t? 

It pauses one to consider those mountaintops that God freely gifts to each of us.  For us as couple on vacation in Jasper and Banff National Parks, the mountaintops were real and all around us, more beautiful than we could have ever imagined with views that no camera could ever capture.  Oh yes, we were gifted with God’s wonder and stillness and we let it set into our minds, bodies and spirits. We treasured each day, knowing that we had to come down soon from the mountain and resume life in our family, our community and our church.

But the greatest gift of all was God’s nearness, God’s majesty, God’s great love.  We were allowed to be a tiny part of all that we saw and absorbed.  And as difficult as it was to leave it behind, I knew that the best part of all is that God’s nearness, God’s majesty and God’s infinite love are with me, more deeply imbedded in my soul.  And I pray that the awe that filled me will continue to grow so that Jesus’ light will brighten in me, to help light others’ way.

May we all be graced to be that “lamp shining in a dark place, until day dawns and the morning star rises….."


You can find this Sunday's readings here.

By: Mark Keefe


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