Duxbury Catholic

December 2016

Dec 29

Moments of Reflection

Wow, the lightning fast pace of approaching Christmas is over.  And all the preparations between family and church have been completed.  Santa made all his stops; the gifts among family, wrapped and opened (well, maybe for some, still a few more to go!)  The Christmas beast devoured and although I love all of the wonderful spirit...
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Dec 22

What does Christmas mean for you?

              What does Christmas mean for you?   We enjoy a special spirit in the air.  It is a time of hope for happiness and renewed love in relationships with family members and friends.  But however hard we try to create this atmosphere and come together for such enjoyment and...
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Dec 14

Signs from Above

Ever asked God to give you a sign? I have - lots of times.  Give me a sign so I know what job to take.  Give me a sign so I know that this decision is right.  Give me a sign so I know.... We don't always know where we're going or how to get there.  It's nice to have road signs, isn't it?  When I don't know where I'm...
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Dec 8

Patience is a Virtue

I’m fortunate to be able to talk to my mother every morning. We are both at transition points in our lives, on the brink of the next step. Today I asked her, “Mom, aren’t you so tired of waiting. We are both waiting to move forward with the lives we want.” How pertinent for us to be experiencing this heightened struggle...
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Dec 1

A Little Child Shall Lead Them in Love

"We've divided the world into 'those who need help' and 'those who offer help.'  The truth is we are both" - Brene Brown, author and speaker. I love the readings for this Sunday - to me they speak of peace and unity and salvation.  Lion or lamb, gentile or Jew, sinner or saint, God has come to earth for you.  That is an...
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Duxbury Catholic

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