Duxbury Catholic

July 2017

Jul 26

Praying in the Supermarket

I went to the supermarket the other day, and it happened to me again.  I found myself marveling at all the varieties, colors, and sheer volume of items from which to choose.  There are certainly all kinds of foods and other necessities which help fill our basic needs.  The experience of shopping in a supermarket seems to call...
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Jul 21

Room to Grow: Part 2

This week we continue in Matthew's Gospel with Jesus relating the Kingdom of Heaven to us.  Again, we have the imagery of the a good seed being planted, only this time, the enemy sows weeds and together wheat and weed's spring up.  We also hear the familiar parable of the Kingdom of Heaven likened to a mustard seed: "it...
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Jul 13

Room to Grow

The parable of the sower and seed is familiar to me in many ways.  As Jesus explains the various locations where the seeds are sown, and the result of each, I began to ask myself the question, where have I been planted?   Well, I came to the conclusion that during my life so far, I’ve been on top soil, rocky ground, thrown...
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Jul 6

Seeking Rest

We are in the midst of Ordinary time when we learn about Jesus and His Kingdom.  Who is Jesus and what does that Kingdom look like? This weekend’s readings are very familiar. In Zechariah’s first reading we hear the prophecy of our King and Savior who is humble, meek and kind.  He is a savior who heals, not one...
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