Duxbury Catholic

March 2017

Mar 24

Jesus, the Light of the World

How well do you see?  Do you wear glasses or contacts?  Perhaps you should or maybe you have perfect 20/20.  This week's Gospel message is all about sight - how well do you see? The idea of sin and blindness are closely linked throughout the Gospel of John and in this story, as Jesus encounters a man blind from birth, his...
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Mar 16

Jehovah's Witnesses and the Samaritan Woman

Just as I was preparing this blog entry in the rectory on Wednesday morning, I heard a knock on the door.  Our doorbell doesn’t work, so whoever knocked had to wait a while in the cold before I realized there was someone at the door.  An older man and woman were there and identified themselves as Jehovah’s...
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Mar 10

To See His Glory

Most of us have heard the account of the transfiguration many times.  But did you realize that the Transfiguration of Jesus not only appears in the Gospel of Matthew but in other Gospel readings as well?  This leads me to believe that it is an important event in the life of Christ.  So what does it mean and why is it so...
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Mar 1

A Time of Renewal

When I was growing up I hated Lent.  My mom would wake us up at 6:15 to get ready and go to 6:45 AM Mass before school.  In a cold, nearly empty church, we sat half asleep counting the grains in the wooden pew.  She would bribe us to go with the gift of donuts on Friday morning if we made it every day, and some weeks not even...
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