Duxbury Catholic

May 2016

May 26

The Abundance of Jesus

Are you familiar with the expression “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”?  Well, in my experience, the way to a human's heart is through their stomach. I love food.  Unless I’m allergic to it and it has the potential to kill me (shout out to all my allergy friends!) I'd probably be willing to...
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May 19

Mystery, Humility, Trinity

Do you particularly enjoy losing? How many of you like to be wrong? I humbly admit being wrong, along with losing, is one of my least favorite things.  I grew up in a family with a healthy sense of competition.  When you have 9 people all competing for the Monopoly victory things can get a little heated.  Whether it is a board...
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May 15

Pentecost Moments

On the feast of Pentecost we read the vibrant description of the coming of the Holy Spirit to the apostles. The imagery is dramatic, “..suddenly there came from the sky a noise like a strong driving wind” (Acts 2:2) and later the crowd is “astounded” and “amazed” as the Apostles are able to speak to each of...
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Duxbury Catholic

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