Duxbury Catholic

October 2017

Oct 19

Striking a Balance

In this weekend's reading's Jesus is also in a difficult situation when the questioners ask “Tell us, then, what you think. Is it lawful to pay taxes to the emperor or not?” If Jesus says that the tax should be paid to Caesar, he would be considered guilty of false worship since the Romans believe the emperor to be divine....
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Oct 12

Welcome Weekend

GO AHEAD...  INVITE SOMEONE TO COME TO CHURCH WITH YOU...  WE'VE PROVIDED YOU WITH A GOOD EXCUSE! A recent survey found that over 50% of non-church goers said that they would come to church if they were invited by a family member or friend.  A lot of these folks have fallen out of the habit of coming to Mass; it's not because...
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Oct 5

Parable of the Wicked Servants

There seems to be so much human suffering.  In recent weeks we have witnessed devastating hurricanes, fires, and other natural disasters.  Now this past week, we once again have experienced the senseless massacre of human life.  Why does this keep happening, and why does God allow such atrocities to occur?  Well, I think we...
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Duxbury Catholic

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