BRIDGE Program—Preschool - 8th Grade

Bridge will operate in our version of hybrid learning for October and November. In December and January, we will reevaluate and continue in this way, switch to in person, or increase virtual components and be more remote.  We will respond based on the current situation.  We will communicate in a clear and timely manner so families are aware of any changes!

Virtual BRIDGE

The October Bridge Program's topic is Prayer. Enjoy this month's activities and videos for Pre-K-2nd, 3rd-5th, 6th-8th, Families, and Adults and find out our Staff Picks.

Hybrid Bridge means:

Bridge Online Live Event

On the First Sunday of October and the First Sunday in November Bridge will happen online.  This will be a virtual version of a Bridge opening from last year.  There will be interactive components and activities for families around the theme of the month.  (the event will be at a specific time but the video will be available after on your YouTube channel after the event.  Time is still to be determined. 

Bridge Bags*

On the last week of the month you will pick up your Bridge Bags at Holy Family at designated times.  The bag will contain all that you need to do the activites referred to in the event and even some extra supplies for things that can be done through the month.   We will lead you through the bag each month!  We will offer multiple pickup times but you will need your bag to do the event!

Highlighted Family Activity

Each month in your bag or on the website there will be one family activity that you will be asked to submit or bring back the following month.  Any family that turns in an activity will be entered into a raffle for fun prizes- each month will have different prizes!

Online Resources**

You will have access to a website for the month with lots of other activities and learning opportunities around the month’s theme.  Activities will be divided up for younger, children, older children, teens adults, and families.  These can be done whenever you like through the month—each family can choose what they would like to complete  or utilize.

Live Events**

This is the hybrid part.  Each month we will run two in person socially distant events connected to the theme of the month that families can register to come and attend if they want to come.  (An example would be an outside rosary like we have done this summer or a trivia game ending in a prayer service around the theme.)  You will be given details of any events in advance and be required to register for these events as we need to operate within the requirements of the Archdiocese of Boston and the Sate of MA.

*For October, we will have an event on the lawn, where there will be a few demonstrations on the lawn that your children can visit socially distant, when you come to pick up your bag.  If you do not want to participate you can just pick up the bag and leave or pickup during one of the other pick up times.  At the stations on the lawn a staff member or volunteer will do a demonstration and give your children supplies (in a Ziploc) to take home and do the activity with you family.   The event will be over a few hours to allow people to arrive in a staggered manner and keep the stations socially distant.  Time and date will follow shortly to those that are registered.

**Anyone who has been part of our formation programs over the last few years knows that we are passionate about helping families grow in faith together.  No faith journey is the same, every family is on their own path.  We hope you will take advantage of all or several components of this program.  It is like so many things in life, you can do a little or you can take advantage of all aspects and navigate your own process.  We will be providing many varied resources for your families and for the indivual members.  If you are looking for some type of formation, we are always open to hearing what would help you grow in faith as a family.

We have received contact from families hoping we will meet in person and others hoping we will be completely remote--  we felt this  is the best way we could offer formation for all in an interactive way and then offer many additional activities for those that are motivated to grow in faith-which include online and in person options!!

BRIDGE Registration

To inquire about registering, please contact Mary Juliano Hayes.

Questions about First Communion and First Reconciliation preparation, contact Jen Castricone at 781-934-5055 or click here.