BRIDGE Program – Preschool - 8th Grade

BRIDGE is our Faith Formation for families of children in grades pk-8 and we can’t wait to see you!

Holy Family Duxbury’s Faith Formation process is family based. We strive to be a community of families growing in faith together. We are at different places in our spiritual lives, but disciples are formed when we are on the journey together. We want to have adults and children learning about the same topic and help give parents language to share faith with their children. Faith Formation is lifelong!

How does Bridge work?

Families gather once a month in the parish center for Family Faith Formation. Parents and children are together for some of the sessions and at other times children do the first half of the session with their parents and then the adults and children separate and go separate formation. All the family activities, the individual age appropriate classes, and the parent formation group learn about the same topic. Families will then visit have activities online around that themes to complete during the month on the Family Follow Up Page.  We also have dinner at all the evening sessions and lunch on Sundays. You get to a fun energizing experience as a family growing in faith together, connect with other families on the same journey, and you can have a meal too!!

What is the schedule?

The Schedule has changed this year!  Holy Family has added a weekly Sunday 5pm Mass beginning on September 18th  Bridge sessions begin on the First Saturday of the month and will be held on:
Saturday 6:00-8:00pm,
Sunday 2:45-4:45,
Tuesday 5:00-7:00pm and
Thursday 5-7pm.

(See dates below) you sign up to come to the same session each month.

Bridge Meetings 2022-23

Bridge begins on the First Saturday of the month and then meets the following Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

October 1-6
November 5-10
December 3-8
January 7-12
February 4-9
March 4-9

Does Bridge need teachers?

We do need teachers in November December February and March. The registration form has an opportunity for you to opt in to be a teacher!!! It is really easy to be a teacher in this program. All the sessions are laid out for you and the portion of the night you teach is about 45 minutes! You don’t need to be an expert in the faith, the resources, directions and lesson are all laid out in simple format for you to follow!


Families with one child: $200 (includes parents as well)
Families with two children: $275
Families with three children: $350
Families with four children: $425


Please contact Mary Juliano Hayes for registration at 781-934-5055 ext. 128 or email her at

Do you wish to homeschool your child?

Faith Formation at Holy Family is a Family Process. We strongly encourage you to participate in the Bridge sessions as a family and then if you wish to do more than we provide between sessions, we can provide you additional materials.

Occasionally parents choose the homeschool route, which means you register here and we provide you the book for each grade level and you teach each chapter to your child and complete the chapter review. Books will be available in October and chapter reviews will be due in May.

You will be invited to all the supplemental Faith Formation programs that happen through the year and can opt in to Bridge by calling and transferring your registration later in the year if you change your mind but you will have to attend whatever sessions are still open!


Sacrament Preparation

Questions about First Communion and First Reconciliation preparation, click here.

Questions about Confirmation preparation, click here.